Green Building & Energy Saving

Home exterior surrounded by trees
We take care of the land on which a home is built.

We build green homes because we care about our homebuyers, the community, and the earth. Our homes are healthy and comfortable, operate at lower costs by reducing energy and water use, and create lasting value for the homeowner. The G Crabtree Spaces team has built environmentally responsible homes for more than 35 years.

Our green building practices produce a more durable home requiring less maintenance. We use sustainable building practices, high performance or renewable materials, and recycle the majority of our scrap and waste. We care for your property by saving as many trees as possible and by leaving much of your lot in its natural state, preserving biodiversity. This results in improved indoor and outdoor air quality and a reduced impact on local water/sewage and environmental waste infrastructure. Over time, this means savings for you and for your community.